The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat offers healing retreats and programs aimed to help, committed individuals explore and achieve rapid and sustainable growth in their internal evolution.

Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the creative vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships. You will gain a clear understanding of what truly motivates you and build toward your own personal goals.


Imagine if you will, some personal time just for you, of relaxation and deep nurturing at a powerful vortex. With one on one healing that provides you with spiritual cleansing and resources to enable you to release and heal old core woundings that create a cycle of repeated limiting behaviors, thoughts and actions.

Time just for you, to step out of your old paradigm and dream into being, the life you have always wanted for yourself. Here at Sacred Valley Healing Retreat we help you clarify what those dreams are and together we co-create the new you!

Personal or Couples Spiritual Retreat

On a personal or couples spiritual retreat with us, you will gain the time and freedom to discover how to manifest, empower, and heal your life, love and intimate connection, through your own individual spiritual journey.

Our transformative directed retreats incorporate a variety of powerful healing techniques, that individually can bring about noticeable shifts and combined can bring about major life upgrades.

Spend time relaxing and enjoy the beautiful view of Sacred Mount Shasta from the garden, gazebo or hot tub or receiving a massage!!

  • Cost of our residential retreats include accommodation and chef made cuisine to allow for participants to deeply immerse themselves in the transformational healing process or teaching program whilst communing with the powerful forces of nature in this sacred land.
  • From 2 nights/3 days to 7 nights/8 days for personal retreats.
  • Minimum of 3 nights/4 days for couples retreats.

Please call for further information and details such as pricing of retreats.


+ Enhance ability to create desired life changes
+ Increase vitality and power
+ Heal trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse
+ Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
+ Release root causes of addictions
+ Deep nature connection
+ Bring yourself back into balance
+ Come into sacred relationship with yourself and others
+ Learn to unplug and unwind
+ Experience deep nurturing
+ Learn what does not serve you for your highest good
+ Understand the root causes behind physical illness and heal them
+ Learn to love all parts of yourself – including the wounded parts.
+ Remove energetic attachments
+ Restore your soul to wholeness by retrieving missing parts of yourself
+ Change self limiting or negatives beliefs
+ Release negative behavioral patterns
+ Obtain support through transitions

ADA Accessible

Our facility is ADA (wheelchair) accessible, has a restroom built to ADA standards and is licensed and permitted to operate as a Healing Center.

Healing Practitioners at the SVSR are not physicians, psychotherapists or psychologists. Our spiritual healing and coaching work through SVSR and Spirit Wisdom Healing, is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service. 


“Words cannot even begin to express the shift I have experienced in my life since taking Alan’s Mt. Shasta Spiritual Retreat Reiki 1 and 2 certification course! My entire life has changed to such a degree that is unspeakably profound! He has a way of tuning into people around him that makes you feel understood and accepted as you are. You couldn’t ask for a better instructor. As I have said, my life has transformed in every way imaginable. Mainly due to his gift he has shared with me, but also due to the energy and work I have put into my life after taking his course! I think it is always important to remember that a teacher is a student as much as a student is a teacher! I felt no hierarchy when in is presence. He is down to earth, a part of earth, yet seemingly transcendental in consciousness! I look forward to advancing my understanding of him as well as his path in the coming future! Thank you Alan for being a blessing upon this planet, this land, the peoples here, but most of all to the creatures and elements within existence upon this realm as well as others!  You are truly blessed!”