Shamanistic Reiki Level 1 • Mar 16-20 Mt. Shasta • Shamanistic Reiki Level 2• Nov 13-20 Ecuador

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In this weekend workshop retreat, you will learn techniques that Alan calls Shamanistic Reiki, that he has used for years to offer deeply transformative healing sessions to hundreds of clients. It is really Shamanic practices supported by Reiki, rather than the other way around, and involves active participation by the receiver/client. Through incorporating these techniques, you not only activate the client’s own capacity to heal themselves but also teach them how to continue these practices at home. 

This workshop will include teachings on shamanic principles of sickness and health, how to do energetic cleanses (limpia’s) for your client and yourself. You will learn techniques that Alan successfully uses for releasing the root causes of addictions, fear and depression and how to use relaxation techniques to enhance the client’s ability to allow energy flow for healing. Also learn how to use colors and shapes to isolate and then release energy blocks or tensions held in the body for healing and a myriad of other techniques that Alan has honed over many years. 

This workshop suggests that you are at the level of Reiki Master/Teacher and is the pre-requisite for taking the Shamanistic Reiki Advanced class; however if you are at least Reiki Level 2, call Alan for special approval.

Shamanistic Reiki Retreat includes instruction, class material, attunements, certificates, food and lodging. 

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