What Our Guests Are Saying About Our Retreats

“Alan is a remarkable and skilled healer who demonstrates the art of love through his Presence and practice... I say this with confidence and conviction after having worked with healers/teachers who have either performed "miracles" or helped to heal terminal illness. During my visit to Mt Shasta and after clearing a lot of lower chakra blockages, I started experiencing a lot of back pain and fear that I couldn't get to the root of. I asked for help and was led to Alan by Spirit. I was put to ease by the energies of his healing land/center, as well as his responsiveness, attentiveness and gentleness that he showed throughout the session. In terms of the healing, my right side has been shaky and he helped to balance this energy which facilitated my ongoing work between my sacred masculine and feminine. My back pain ran along both sides of my spine in different areas and his clearing of past life blockages brought immense relief. In addition, I had been dealing with a lot of egoic resistance in the right side of my head which Alan helped to clear, bringing much greater clarity of mind and helping me to embody a lot of the spiritual energy I was experiencing in Mt Shasta. Lastly, when I returned to NYC to work with one of my teachers, it was the remembrance of Alan's unconditional love and divine light that literally shined through his face, particularly his eyes, that brought a great shift within me - I was able to realize the love within that brought about a unifying energy that is bringing me closer to the realization of my divinity, another part of the healing work that occurred with Alan. It was an honor to work with him, and I am so appreciative of his healing support during this transformative journey. Thank you, Alan. Love + Light,”
CHRISTA.- I.T. Executive
“The healing I experienced with Alan was profound, compassionate and so cleansing. I was finally able to let go of deep patterns of self sabotage and feelings of unworthiness. I shared my deep dark secrets and Alan held such a safe and non-judgmental space. That was very healing in itself. If you're feeling stuck and have tried other healing techniques that just haven't quite dome the deep cleaning enough to create lasting healing, see Alan. He was just what I was needing. I am so grateful and I can't wait to see more of the magic that is unfolding in my life.”
JULIA C. Life Coach
“Well it's hard to put into words what a session with Alan is like, as it's truly a unique experience. Let me just say I went for one thing, and he unearthed something completely different that I didn't realize was holding me back. He helped me connect the dots from an image I was seeing in a session to 2 miscarriages I had many years ago. I had no idea I was still holding onto that, and as soon as he said it, it was like a lightning bolt through my body - I knew it was the truth. It was a very emotional session, but I felt about a thousand pounds lighter afterwards. So to me, the session was like magic...he works with guides to see what cannot be seen...what needs healing. As soon as you are in his presence, you know there is something very special about him. He has such a profound gentleness and quiet strength, which rarely go together. His presence is of a very rare quality - he is just a really, really gifted healer. I have referred quite a few people to him, and they have all referred people to him - and everyone raves. I sent my partner, who did not really believe in healers and such things, but was depressed and anxious enough to give it a try. His sessions were really so comforting and helpful and the results have lasted. He is now also a member of Alan's fan club, and still sees him occasionally. I have had a few sessions with Alan, and it is one of the most nourishing and transformative things I can do for myself. I am so grateful for his presence in my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”
KAREN C- Online Workshop facilitator/ Creator
“After a healing session with Alan, I felt the most content I've ever felt in my life. The whole Shamanic experience was beyond amazing. I had never even considered Shamanic healing, but I felt compelled to and I'm so glad that I did. I went to Alan initially because I felt like there was something off about my sacral chakra. I would feel this pulsating energy that's really hard to explain--probably fear-- and I knew that this was a problem a doctor could not fix. The healing unlocked whatever blockages I had and I have not had this feeling since! At the end of the session we both talked about the experience. We actually both saw the same things which was just amazing to me. I definitely felt the presence of my ancestors which was WIERD to say the least, but simultaneously magical and awesome. Alan definitely knows what he is doing and I am so grateful for him. I enjoyed talking about my ancestors and power animals and it made me feel connected to the Universe in a way I had never experienced before. Well worth the money and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Alan--such a great spirit. He also has checked in on me since the session which made me feel great. He really cares about the kind of work that he does and I would recommend him in a heartbeat . If you're thinking about it....just do it. You won't regret it :)”
ERICA M.- Executive
“Alan is a true spiritual healer bravely walking the difficult path of service and sacrifice for the benefit of others. Within moments of meeting him, I felt totally safe and able to be open and honest. This was very important, because we went deeper into the psychological realm than my past experiences with shamanism. I was impressed with how seamlessly he wove together various types of healing modalities that addressed my physical, mental, and spiritual health. During our first session, I was moved to tears by the wave of unconditional love that he was radiating. It opened my heart and gave me courage at the same time. This may be difficult to describe, but when I met his presence in this state, I knew I was capable of going where he was leading me and determined to put forth all of my effort to heal. Unexpectedly, I was able to feel blockages being removed, as he performed reiki on me and the pain in my knee and neck dissipate during the sound healing. It had not occurred to me that these areas of pain would be released. I was seeing him for different reasons. It has been over a month and my neck still feels great, after years of chronic discomfort. I booked 3 sessions and my goals were met and then some. He sent me home with tools to continue the healing in his absence and he checks in from time to time. Which, I think, is super kind! As you can see, I am very pleased with the Alan and my gratitude flows undying. I will never forget him!”
DAMIA H- Massage Therapist
"I honestly cannot thank Alan enough for the life-changing experience. Yes, you read that right. Life-changing. I came to him seeking clarity and the removal of toxicity in my life. What I found was the ultimate gift in my life. Forgiveness. Forgiveness in myself, in those closest to me, and those that had hurt me so deeply in my life. I didn’t know how to forgive and that was eating at my soul each and every day. I compared it to taking a poison pill each and every day–it was slowly destroying me. Once I allowed forgiveness to enter into my soul the transformation that has taken place has been remarkable. I also could finally wash away so much resentment and anger that had consumed me for years. Petty grievances that had built up for years from so many people, anger that had built up and that I had placed on myself were gone. I can finally take deep breaths. I can even say, remarkably, that I have let the anger, resentment and toxicity in my life go. I learned to forgive those who were never going to apologize because I love myself enough to want to lead a beautiful life. Forgiveness is a gift that I give myself. It’s a beautiful gift and Alan helped me realize that and I am forever grateful. I am so much happier and I am so blessed and grateful for your guidance and your belief in me. If you are thinking of seeing a shaman, please don’t hesitate. I was there for two nights and three days. Accommodations were wonderful and they included breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of the meals were delicious and nutritious! We went walking every day–up to Mt. Shasta and to the lake as well. We participated in many shamanistic rituals, as well as meditation and lots of therapeutic talking. Alan picks up on everything! He was engaged throughout the entire time I was there. Alan is truly a healer and an amazing one at that. I will certainly make this an annual trip. Visited June 2016"
"A few of my guy friends and I went to see Alan for a weekend of spiritual healing as we were about to embark on new chapters in each of our lives. What we all experienced far exceeded our expectations. Before that weekend, I lacked confidence, experienced mild depression and doubted my potential due to recent changes in my life. Now, even weeks after the retreat to Spirit Wisdom Healing, I draw upon what I experienced and what I gained from my time with Alan and feel like I can conquer the world. Thank you Alan and Tania for a weekend that has given me a new sense of clarity and confidence. It couldn’t have come at a better time!"
"Alan Waugh is a very loving, powerful, and trustable shaman and healer. I’ve had the privilege of participating in several sessions with him (healings and trainings), and have found him to be a wonderful shaman and teacher. After being in Alan’s presence, I always leave feeling free, glowing with joy, refreshed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, healed. Alan provides a safe, comfortable, and nurturing space for healing and growth. He has my highest recommendation and utmost gratitude."
"I had felt led to work with a Shaman to dive deeper in my healing for about a year before I crossed paths with Alan. I am extremely grateful to have followed my intuition by waiting until I’d found ‘the real deal’… After my journey with him recently, I can say that I have never experienced such a profound inner shift, one that reconnected me with my true Nature, and helped me to re-member my Essence and purpose in this lifetime. My experience with Alan opened my heart in a way I could have never imagined. He is a True Healer, master guide, compassionate listener. His voice, presence, and Divine gift as a conduit for higher wisdom energies gently opened pathways that had previously been stagnant or blocked, allowing my inner Light to flow… It’s been several weeks since my Shamanic journey with Alan, and I am still awed by the experience. I feel truly transformed – more aligned and connected to myself and my purpose than ever before. Issues and patterns that had been recycling in my life have been healed at a root level. I feel at Peace. My heart has remained opened and new insights and synchronicities continue to unfold. Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for the many gifts I received during our session. Wherever you are on your path, I highly recommend Alan’s incredible healing work…your Spirit will remember why you did."
"I began seeing Alan as a part of his 3 session healing package for issues surrounding life purpose. Having worked with other shaman practitioners, I immediately noted his efficiency in getting to the core of my anxiety. He gave me a lot of clarity on my personal path in ways I had not anticipated, including day to day practices for energy clearing and balancing. I left all 3 times feeling elated and relaxed, like I had just had an expensive deep tissue massage. He is a kind, experienced healer with a genuine presence and desire to help others. He left me with recordings of our sessions that have been very helpful in maintaining our work together. Cannot recommend him enough."